Sunday, February 1, 2015


Some kids have a birthday.  I feel like our little girl has a birthmonth.  There is the day she was born and was there alone w her mom and mom-mom.  A week later there was her call day when we learned of her existence.  Then there was the two days while we waited to finally meet her, I frant cleaned the house and packed.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of when we met her.  Then almost exactly one month later (one month plus a day) we left the hospital.

Today I mentioned to baby girl that three years ago today we were waiting for the go ahead to get in the car and start traveling to meet her.  She wanted to know why we had to wait.  To which I told her we had to wait to hear if D was going to move forward w her adoption plan.  I told her we were excited to meet her but the agency told us we had to wait because D made the ultimate decision.  About 5 whys later baby girl was happy with my answers and moved on.  I'm in love w her curiosity, how smart and beautiful she is.

A few side stories:
her brothers new name is Mavrick.

Today I mentiomed to baby girl  the baby doll she got for Christmas had blue eyes like she did.  She responded "like D's, "birth sister name", and pop-Pop."  I have noticed that even though she is of a similar ethnicity to us she s in constant search for how she matches others.   She figured out about sux months ago that her hair doesn't match ours and her eyes don't match her Dads.  While in a bio family this happens regularly I had blond hair as a child and my parents have brown hair.  This never phased me as I got older my hair changed.  It's a balance between showing her she does match her birthfamily and that not matching is what makes her unique.