Friday, November 21, 2014

Adoption from the 2 year old point of view

Me: Are you excited about getting to be a big sister some day?
Baby Girl:  YEAH!!
Me:  do you know what's going to happen when your brother or sister is born?
Baby Girl: yup
Me: what's going to happen?
Baby Girl:  a phone call.
Me:  well.. Yeah we will get a phone call and Dad and I will go meet the baby.
Baby Girl: then Baby D comes
Me: no-  baby Ds mom and dad is C and L.
Baby Girl: we can't have him
Me: no
Baby girl moves on to being silly.

So she gets parts of it.  I sometimes wonder if she thinks babies are ordered like a pizza on the phone.  I think she realizes that she grew in D but I don't think she understands why some parents parent and some create adoption plans which makes visits w families w babies awkward at times.  She loves her cousin as well as my friend Cs son 'baby D' and she would like both of them to come live with us.

She also has suggested the names: monkey and gaga
She typically thinks she is going to have a sister but often refers to the baby as a 'he'

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