Wednesday, March 4, 2015

And... We... Wait....

15 months came and went and still no baby.  It seems like everyone and their mother is having a baby.  Three of my cousins are due in the next few months.  My coworker.  My husbands best friend.

When DH's best friend announced at dinner at their house "We need more space at the dinging room table since our family is expanding!"  Then got a goofy grin which implied we were supposed to infer the reason and then be super over the top excited.  Guess what buddy you are an insensitive jerk is what I wanted to say but instead for the love of my husbands friendship I said "Oh thats great when are you due?"  His goofy friend then told everyone at the table that their son was going to become a big brother.  Baby Girl jumped in  "I'm going to be a BIG SISTER!"  goofy oblivious friend gave Baby Girl a blank look and then registered "Oh right you will."  Seriously dude?

I think what bugs me more at this point isn't the waiting but the stupidity of people and their interactions with Baby Girl on the topic.  At Christmas Baby Girl told my in-laws that a toy was for "the baby."  My in-laws kept trying to correct her and tell her it was for her new cousin.  I finally had to save poor Baby Girl and told them that no she was right and that it was for THE BABY- you know HER SIBLING?!

I remember when my mother was pregnant with my sister.  I was excited for this baby that was coming.  I talked to everyone about it.  I remember the excitement (prior to her arrival).  I wish that Baby Girl got that.  While we are excited in our own home Baby Girl doesn't get to share that excitement with others as easily.  When my mothers pregnant belly was standing there next to me people instantly got it.   Instead the grocery clerk looks at us awkwardly and wonders if this toddler is sharing family news that is not yet ready to be shared (since there is NO way I'm with child unless i'm in my first month at 5'5" and 123lbs).  Those who should know better seem to need reminders that yes we are 15 months into waiting but we are always one day closer to are unknown delivery date.

Fortunately Baby Girl is oblivious to others awkwardness.  I think she thinks they are just dense and need the baby thing explained to them.  She fortunately is not a girl that can be swayed easily and sticks to her guns.  Adoption is a continuous learning curve just when you think you have experienced it all you learn about it from a different perspective.  While we continue to learn we continue to wait... knowing that tomorrow, next week or next year Baby Girl is going to make one awesome big sister.

Until then Baby Chester (the cat) will have to do.

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