Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stay at Home Mom

This past week it was confirmed that I am going to be promoted to Stay at Home Mom.  At the start of the school year I had three part time jobs.  I worked 2.5 days a week in one district, 2 days a week in another and .5 days a week in the skilled nursing facility that I had worked for the past five years.  So when Baby Sam was born something had to give.

I quickly realized which of my part time jobs was going first and that was the 2.5 day a week district.  When I was hired I informed them that we had been waiting two years at that point to adopt a baby.  While I realized they were under no obligation to provide me with a maternity leave I would not accept the job unless I could have two weeks off when my baby arrived to settle everyone in.  The plan was for DH to take his paternity leave for three months and then we would figure out child care from there.  They agreed and I accepted the job.

Well we got the call for Baby Sam on MLK Day which was a day off for the district.  I called my boss to inform her that I would be at work Tuesday for a half day and would return for my half day on Friday.  Since I only worked Monday, Tuesday and a half day friday they were only going to be impacted a half day!  She said yes to everything.  She ended the call with "when the baby arrives do what you need to do."  She clearly didn't get it THE BABY WAS BORN!!  So Thursday I e-mailed her and told her I wanted to meet Friday to discuss the plan.  She agreed to the meeting then showed up 30 minutes late and tried to reschedule with me because she had another meeting starting at the time she arrived.  I told her I had not seen Baby Girl in 3 days and I was going home so if she was going to meet... NOW was the time.  She indicated she had NO idea that the baby was already born.  *sigh*  I informed her that I was going to need time off.  She no longer remembered our agreement and they were under no obligation to give me any time off (unfortunately verbal- stupid me).  During our meeting I also informed her that I was considering resigning as it wasn't right for me to take time off then decide to leave permanently.  She told me to think about it over the weekend.  She then proceeded to avoid any communication with me after.  A miracle occurred and during this week of no contact my paychecks started to accrue vacation time (I had previously had 0 hours on my pay checks and was told at 2.5 days a week I didn't qualify).  I finally was able to provide her with a letter of resignation the following week which initially provided her with an open ended end date (stupid me) as its challenging to replace someone mid year.  Long story short I ended up coming to my senses and giving them a 4 week notice (from my letter being submitted).

So then I was down to 2.5 days a week.  I increased my half day up to a full day and was working 3 days a week one being a weekend.

I did the math over and over.  I basically was working 2 work week days to pay for daycare (with a little savings) and my 3rd day on the weekend was where our savings was coming from.  So Monday I'm turning in a letter indicating I dont have plans to renew my contract for the 2016/2017 school year.  I'm torn.  I love my job.  I love what I do.  I make an impact on children's lives and they amaze me each time I go to work.  I'm appreciated by my team mates and I learn from them as well.

I can't however justify paying someone else to care for my child so I can turn around and care for someone else's child.  Being a Stay at home Mom is a JOB.  I'm exhausted at the end of a day with the two of them.  I keep a calendar and a schedule.  We learn things and we play.  I think I work harder when I'm home, but I enjoy it 10 fold because I am not compromising.  I get to see MY kids amaze me.

I am going to continue my Weekend per diem job which is a regular 8 hours every weekend.  I plan to pick up occasional hours during the week and we save only $400 less in a year.  I think it will be worth every dollar.

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  1. YAY!!! If you need support while staying home, check out and see if there's a chapter near you. When I became a SAHM with G, I was in desperate need of support and it was the greatest thing that I did for myself (and for him). It's a wonderful organization with chapters all over the US and even internationally.

    Congrats on the baby!!! <3