Saturday, July 27, 2013

Parents are Awesome

On Wednesday I got a text from DH saying that he would likely be home late from work.  He was working on a case that he wasn't sure he would have completed by the time he was done with work.  He was waiting on some paper work from another office and that office closed at 4:30.  Lucky for me I got out early that day and was able to pick up Baby Girl at her usual time.

4:30 arrived and the paperwork arrived he was waiting for which meant he had to continue to work which meant he wasn't going to be home anytime soon.  Wednesdays are pace days in our running schedule which means we are supposed to try to push ourselves.  35 minutes.  Thats it.  When I'm alone when I run 35 minutes at pace I run about 4.25 miles.

I set off.  The air was cool (can't complain its better then the 90's).  Unfortunately the wind was blowing- directly at us while I ran up hill.  I felt like I wasn't making gains.  9 minute mile.  I pushed.  I tried.  I mustered my strength.  Another 9 minute mile.  The thing about running for time is you need to balance distance with time because you want to end somewhere near your ending point.  Its a calculation between speed and distance.  Another 9 minute mile.  The calculation in my head has me about a half mile from home when I finish and I'm a little worried.  I make the final turn to start heading down the hill and in the general direction towards home.  I'm finally able to pick up speed but my legs are feeling like jello.  Baby girl is singing her current favorite song "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday."

When I suddenly hear "Parents are Awesome."  I looked towards the direction of the voice.  I initially thought it was my uncle and wave.  I then quickly realize that I have no idea who this man is riding past me on his bike.  He then said "When I see parents out like you I think- Parents are awesome."  I smile.  He rode away.  I shouted "Thanks!"  I put my running legs into high gear and ended up at home at 35 minutes and 5 seconds- 3.97 miles.

Made baby girl dinner, got her ready for bed- because parents are awesome.

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