Monday, July 22, 2013

Single Parent

So last week it was just me.  Baby Girl and I got to spend Friday-Friday all by our lonesome.  I am fortunate to have an aunt down the street who took Baby Girl to daycare each morning allowing me to get to work by 7 so I could pick her up by 4 rather then having her at daycare from 7:30-5.

Over the weekend we stayed busy.  We watched airplanes take off/land after we dropped DH off.  We went for lots of walks.  We went running (well I ran she rode).  We went blueberry picking (and eating).  We went to the farmers market.  We had a play date.  We went to our neighborhood picnic.  We played in the bathtub.  We read lots of books.

During the week the days flew by and I found myself going to bed at 10:30-11PM and then up again at 5:45.  We would get home, eat a snack, she would play while I made dinner, we ate dinner, bath, bed.  Wash, rince and repeat.

It was exhausting.  At one point I told DH that in protest of him being gone I wasn't going to wash any more of her cups since we had enough for one per day.  In the end I broke down and washed cups.

The little things we share- making dinner, watching her, cleaning up after dinner, baths, bed time routines.  They flow.  We work as a team and it just gets done.

I found myself thinking often of my friends in high school who had children and the fathers were quickly gone.  Many of them lived with their parents but they still were the primary care giver to their child.  I can't imagine.  I thought of friends who's husbands have deployed and wondered how they did it.  The safety of their spouse in question while they mustered up the courage to do what had to be done.

So I'm savoring all the free time I have this week since DH is home and there are two of us to divide and conquer, because Sunday DH is off again for two weeks this time.

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