Monday, February 17, 2014


So I have been sicker than a dog as has everyone in our house.  Its a revolving door between the stomach bug and the not so common cold.  We did get a chance to leave the house briefly to go to the library so I thought I'd give a quick review of two books that we found during our last two trips to the library.  Promise I'll get back to my NAS posts once I can sit at a computer long enough to do the research I feel like this topic deserves.  Until then... enjoy!

Do you love me?
This was our find last time we went to the library.  Written and illustrated by Joost Elffers & Curious Pictures.  I was initially not a fan.  It seemed overly needy, soft and uncomfortable for me.  Baby Girl had me read it over and over and unlike many books that I can now recite by memory the more I read it the more I grew to appreciate it.  Short and simple.  "Do you love me?  Always, dear.  Do you need me?  Ever near.  Would you leave me?  Never ever."  In the facebook group I am a part of many of the moms to older adopted children have discussed their childrens insecurities and fears.  I think this book addresses those questions of loving, needing and leaving.  Since this book is not an "adoption book" I think it also shows that it is not just children that are adopted that experience these questions.  Children are so complex and deep that at times I think their simplicity is hard to realize.  Having Grandma come and visit but then leave may leave any child wondering if you will do the same.  Other major life events such as death, divorce, or a friend moving away may lead the child to question our permanency in their lives.  Adoption clearly heightens that fear but I think this book has helped me realize that sometimes maybe us adults look too deeply into simple questions about our permanency as a question about adoption.

Shades of People
Another adoption find by Baby Girl (She has great taste in books my I add).  This book again not adoption specific but pertinent to many families that grow via adoption.  This book helps children see that skin is just a persons wrapping paper and we are all the same on the inside.  It also discusses how in the same family there maybe different skin tones.  Baby Girl is more interested in the pictures then the words but I'm always surprised at when I don't think she is listening to the words I'm saying how much is sinking in.

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  1. We have "Shades of People." We like it. Cassie loves "Shades of Black," though. It's all about children who are specifically "black" but really brown. For her birthday last year, my cousins got Cassie a really sweet book, "Wild About You" by Judy Sierra and Marc Brown. It's about zoo animals who adopt. Really adorable!