Friday, September 5, 2014


Baby Girl is 2.5 years old which means everything is hers.  "My Dad."  "My Opa."  "My cat."  "My book."  "my, mine, my mine my mine..."

Last week my parents visited.  My father stepped away for a few minutes in a crowded store.  My Baby Girl says to me "Thats MY Opa."  To which I responded "yes that is your Opa.  You know when your brother or sister arrives they will have the same Opa.  You will share the same Opa."  To which she responded "No."  I explained further "Well thats how it works.  Your Opa is my father and your aunts father.  My father is the Opa to my children."  She was quiet for a minute.  She then stated "Then I'm going to say no."  I let it go.

Tonight in an attempt to be efficient I was taking Baby Girl to the car to put the groceries away while DH went to the cell phone store to pick up our cell phones.  Baby girl says to me "Thats my Dad."  I reminded her of our conversation last week that her brother or sister will share her Mom and Dad with her.  She then asked me "Why are we going to have a baby?"  To which I responded that Mom and Dad wanted to share their love with another baby.  This also meant that she would get to have a brother or sister.  "Why?" She asked me as we walked up to the woman that needed to check our receipt prior to leaving the store.  So I ignored her in order to not have the conversation in front of the woman.  Baby Girl then turns to the woman and says "I'm going to get a brother or sister."  "Oh- when is the baby coming?"  responded the woman.  "From my Dad."  Baby Girl responded.  The women then looked at me, smiled, and responded "What a nice Dad you have."

I think adoption makes the- where do babies come from just a little more of a foreign concept to a 2.5 year old.  *sigh*

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