Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adoption Hospital Bag

Last time we waited I packed a hospital bag.  I would have put my life on the line that I wrote a blog post about what I packed but I can't find it.  I then did a search of my old blog for "bag" and I then remembered how I came up with my hospital bag list.  In my Adoption Bloggers Interview from 2011 I asked my friend Maru what she brought with her and from that interview I then packed my bag.  I now recall thinking I'd pack the bag- see what I used and then write a post on it... and then I had a baby and no time.

So I'm going to post my hospital bag contents this time:
4 oz Bottles (3 of them)
formula caddy (had slots for pre measured formula)
Nuks (lots of them)
swaddle blankets (3 of them)
PJ's (about a weeks worth)
socks (all the white and blue ones I could find)
NB diapers (8)
spit up rags (lots)
At breast feeder

I then made a list of the things I'll have to run around and grab once we get the call that I'll keep in the packed bag:
-check for agency
-adoption folder
-cell phones
-Photo ID's
-Car seat (check dates)
-diaper cream (baby girl still uses it)

I should probably make a list for things to pack for Baby Girl.  I probably dont need to pack anything yet since she is constantly growing.  Maybe I can get her something that says "big sister" hmm.... but it will need to fit.  Good thought but I'm getting side tracked here.

We were in Philly for a month so I used all of the clothes we brought.  D gave Baby girl clothes as did her other family members.  Outfits arrived in the mail while we were in the hospital.  We had no consistent means of laundry though so I recommend putting aside more than you think you will need.  The NICU provided white onsies, spit up rags, diaper cream, NUKS and swaddle blankets.  Some items like the diaper cream and NUKS ran out on weekends when the supply closet wasn't being filled.  Its not fun to run out of NUKS (when a NUK hits the floor in the hospital its hospital procedure to throw them away- I hid them in my bag and sanitized them at home).

The hospital also provided formula and diapers.  We did however have an 8 hour ride home so bottles, & diapers would have been helpful to have had.  I didn't end up having time to shop for formula or diapers prior to her discharge and her discharging nurse told me the night before not to worry about it she would "take care of it."  (The hospital where I spent from 10-10 each day was in a downtown area so there wasn't anywhere to shop for baby items).  The discharging nurse sent us home with a bag full of diapers, formula and nuks.

Since you never know what your call is going to be like I think its easier to over plan and have too much then not be ready and feel like you are missing out on time with your baby while you are forced to shop.  Think about will you have to deal with an interstate compact?  Will you be traveling by car/plane?  Will it be one parent or two?

So our bag is packed and I'm ready for the call... it could gather dust for a year or be whisked off in a month- only time will tell.  Happy packing!

Update 1/9/2014:
Need to add a gift for birthmom.  For D I brought a yellow rose since that is the color of friendship and a photo album with a note saying that I would send pictures to fill it.  Baby Girl also bought Baby2 a Nuk toy thing that holds the Nuk in place for Christmas.  I had her help me add that to the hospital bag.  She is really excited about Nuks for the baby since she LOVES Nuks.  I'm actually a little worried about her stealing Nuks from the baby when s/he comes.

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