Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas and my Perfect Family :)

This needs to be written down in the history book because believe it or not.... I have NOTHING negative to say about my MIL.  NOTHING.  Believe it or not prior to starting the adoption process I only had one negative encounter w my MIL and that was when I informed her that DH and I would be attending her fathers 80th birthday party (as she was the one to RSVP to).  Her response?  "You better be."  

Besides my FIL informing DH that he learned they have "Indian" blood in their ancestry I dont think I can think of any overly controversial conversations that occurred.  DH informed him that it was Native American.  When DH's brother and his father argued if those of Mexican heritage were Indians or not, I chimed in to remind them that they too are Native Americans since North and South America are the Americas and they are natives and we are not.  *sigh*  I think I could have hit my head on the wall but I dont think it would have gotten me anywhere.

I made Christmas dinner.  My MIL stayed out of the way for the most part.  At one point I was in the kitchen and she manically started trying to help.  I stopped her, directed her to my list of what order things needed to go into the oven (yes I love lists and with 5 things that needed to go into the oven I had to plan for temp/time), gave her the task of the mashed potatoes and things were back on track.  I made gravy from the turkey drippings (drippings plus 2T of corn starch = gravy people) she was impressed.  Dinner was at 4PM instead of 3PM, the rolls were hockey pucks, the corn was a little dry, and I made too much food but other then that- things were delicious.

At dinner my MIL struggled with adoption language.  She was asking about Baby Girls Birth Mother.  Each time she stuttered when it came time to identify her title and myself or DH chimed in to say "birth mother"and she completed the sentence.  Same when she asked about J.

I think its in part that I'm less sensitive and also attempting to be slightly more understanding.  In some ways the fact that she is asking questions means she is interested in what this means for Baby Girl.  I wish at some point she will get the terms down or at least get names down.  I'm OK if she calls them D and J but Mom and Dad are myself and DH.

I hope you all enjoyed your day with your perfect family :)  

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