Sunday, December 22, 2013

Waiting for Baby2 During Christmas

So I was over on Sweet Dreams are Made of This.  She does these great posts like our lovely FB friends post about their cravings, wishes, desires for their impending biological children.  I love her monthly update posts.  She talked about Christmas and wondered if anyone would buy something for her impending bundle of joy.

It brought me back to our first Christmas waiting.  It was at DH's familys house.  It was only about four months after my dear MIL told us we should try fertility treatments rather then starting the adoption process when we told her our "big news" that we would be waiting.  Christmas was two months into our "wait" for Baby Girl.

In some ways that first Thanksgiving and Christmas were easier.  I remember one Thanksgiving when we were still trying standing in the upstairs bedroom of my DH's Grandfathers home crying.  I felt like I had nothing to be Thankful for because the one and only thing I wanted was to be a Mom.  So the first Thanksgiving and Christmas waiting- we were waiting- it was going to happen.  It was just a matter of when not if.

With that said when the last gift was handed out and there was not even a mention of the impending arrival of a baby I was heart broken.  The second Christmas we were waiting my MIL, SIL, and I had gone on a shopping trip just prior to Christmas.  We did get something small and to be honest I dont recall what it was.  I recall my MIL shyly/uncomfortably saying "its for the baby."

Thinking of these memories made me realize that I think I will be sad if I open all of the gifts and there is nothing for Baby2.  So I took it upon myself to buy flannel sheets for the crib.  Since we have "everything" we need (minus a second crib) and I wasn't about to splurge on that this month I figured flannel sheets would be nice for winter.

I took Baby Girl with me to buy the gift.  On the way I used it as an opportunity to talk about the impending Baby2.  The conversation was a typical toddler conversation:
Me: Do you know where we are going?
Baby Girl: Yes!
Me: We are going to get your Baby brother/sister a gift.
Baby Girl: Brother or Sister
Me: Do you know what a Brother or sister is?
Baby Girl: Baby Girl take her socks off.
Me: Just like you your brother or sister will be adopted which means we have to wait until a mother picks us to be the be the babys family.
Baby Girl: More music please.

I thought it all was on deaf ears until we were leaving.  She told me she wanted to hold it.  As we walked out the store she pointed at the gift and said "Brother or sister."  So who knows...

The conversation got me thinking... I need to find out if there are any good waiting to be a big brother/sister books addressing adoption.  If not I might be on Shutterfly soon enough writing a story of our own.

Happy Holidays to all of you!  :)

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