Friday, January 17, 2014

Back to Work

So this is my last Friday with Baby Girl.  Starting next week she will go to daycare 5 days a week.  My goal was to make it to when she was 2 before I went back 5 days a week.  Baby Girl turns 2 next Saturday.  So I made my goal.  It makes me sad though to think that I'm not going to be afforded this time with Baby2.  DH told me that Baby2 always gets the shaft and s/he will get used to it real fast.

Baby Girl LOVES "school."  They have taught her so much there.  There are thing though like potty training that because I had the three day weekend has gone SO smooth.  She loves her friends and talks about them on our Fridays together.  I know she wont think twice about it.

We have what we need but saving for Baby2 was getting stressful.  I feel like we are one major catastrophe away from financial issues.  (To me financial problems means I have debt on my credit card that I can't pay off at the end of the month).  To me being financially sound/smart is part of being a good parent.  I dont EVER expect to give my children a ride to college or give them everything they want.  I do want to have the financial freedom to visit my parents once a year as a family, not feel stressed at Christmas, and occasionally have a date night with DH.

She is growing up so fast!  My favorite line from this week was "Dada, Mamas being very very silly." when I was dancing to her music.  Love that girl.

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