Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Hair's not Brown

"Is she nice?" Baby Girl
"I think so.  I like her alot."  Me
"Does she have pretty hair?"  Baby Girl
"Yup- Her hair is blonde just like you."  Me
"Oh." Baby Girl  "My hair is blonde.  What color is your hair?"
"My hair is brown."  Me
"Why?"  Baby Girl
"Well because my Mom and Dad both have brown hair."  Me
"Dadas hair is brown.  My hair's not brown."  Baby Girl

I didn't expect our trip to pick up a new babysitter was going to turn into an adoption conversation but it did.  Thats how most of them do.  Baby Girl knows D is special.  She sometimes seems to understand she grew inside D.  She knows her cousin grew inside her aunt.  I can tell each of these short conversations another piece clicks into place.

I went onto explain that her hair is blonde because J and D both had blonde hair.  She seemed to be more focused on the balloons flying outside the chocolate factory store.  Though from past experience when she seems to have moved on and is focused on something new she still is listening.

Who knows where or when the next adoption conversation will pop up but I'm ready.

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