Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We got an email today.  An email that was reminiscent of an email we got Febuary 2011.  It was a baby girl.  In the hospital.  10 weeks premature.  She is too far away and will require months in the hospital.  We have Baby Girl and its not realistic for one of us to be 8 hours away.  Nor is it fair to this baby to have her alone 8 hours away.

I read the e-mail and knew our answer.  It made me realize how different a place I am in this time around.  While it breaks my heart to think of this baby alone in a hospital while she awaits for forever family I also can squeeze my little girl and give her a kiss.  My little girl was that little girl; alone with all the bright lights and beeps of the NICU.  I hope for this little girl her family finds her quickly and I  hope for her family that they dont miss too many more days.

So until our call comes.  I'll squeeze my Baby Girl a little tighter at night and know our day will come.

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