Friday, October 9, 2015

"I love all my names"

Tonight we were talking about names.  My name DH name and baby girls name.  How we all shared the same last name.  How baby girl has many names.  Besides nick names she has 4 names.  We told her how she got each of her name.  She liked the idea that she shared names with both D and us.  She concluded the conversation by saying "I love all of my names!"

Today we made her Halloween costume.  Her birth family loves this holiday.  Halloween growing up for me was something we preped for just days before (or even the day of).  I never would imagine getting her costume ready weeks before.  We skyped with them this week and I knew they would want to know what she would be.  Good thing she has know for at least a month what she wanted to be - a butterfly.  Funny how birth families influence our family and are able to include her in their traditions.

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