Saturday, November 28, 2015


2/3 walls of the nursery are painted a light yellow cream.  The 3rd walk has its first coat of a buttery yellow and then will add horizontal grey stripes.  This is the only room that has never been painted.  Baby girl REALLY wanted to help.  There was hardly enough room for me with everything pushed to the center of the room let alone a small child "helping."  DH took her to the store then swimming while I painted.  When they returned she wanted to see it.  "Where is the red?!" The disappointment palpable in her voice.  No red- yellow.  "Will there be red later?"  She still isn't over the lack of red.  I kept trying to tell her red was an angry color not a good nursery color.... She wasn't convinced.  I think a pink room might be in her future.

Tuesday is our foster information session.  I called social services last week and an application is in the mail.  I'm ready- DH is almost there.

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