Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oh.. Does she.... Is it..

Today I had to go get extra paint.  Naturally the woman checking us out at the register asked "Love this color- what are you painting?"
"A nursery I replied."
"For you?" confused look.
"When are you due?" she asked.
"Any day."  Another confused look.  "We are adopting."
 "Oh- from where" (my favorite question).
"I dont know- depends on where they are born."
 "Oh- well when?"
"I dont know it depends on when we get the call."  I replied
"So you just get a call?"
"Yes- we could get a call and the baby could be already a week old like Baby Girl or the mother could be due on a few weeks."  *as soon as Baby Girls name came out I wanted to kick myself
"Oh.... Does she... Is it..."
"Yes she is adopted and she knows."
"Oh of course.  Well I hope the baby comes soon- maybe before Christmas."
(Maybe I think.... but probably not.)

In the car today we had our first discussion about how Baby Girl might choose to keep her birthstory private or might choose to share it.  It may even depend on who she is talking to.  She seemed confused about why she would want to keep D a secret.  I guess someday she will understand that she understands adoption far better than the adults around her and sometimes it's not worth answering so many questions about your life.

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