Monday, November 2, 2015

Some Days are Better Then Others

Tonight I read a significant chunk of my blog that I wrote prior to Baby Girls birth.  Reading the posts that lead up to the day we got the call.  Its funny there are at least three posts the week she was born but we didn't know about her yet.

This is our second time around waiting.  You would think it would be easier.  Easier because I have concrete proof that the wait is worth it.  I have the most amazing little girl that I'm lucky enough to be known as Mom to.  Most days are easier then last time around I think.  I have fewer days to think about where I am at in the waiting.

November however marks two years of waiting.  That doesn't include the at least month it took us to get all of our paper work together.  The cute toddler that donned the sweet shirt that announced "Waiting for my promotion to BIG sister" no longer fits that sweet baby girl.  Now when we talk to her about the baby we are waiting for she understands what a baby is.  Before we had to bring it up.  Now she asks "When is MY baby coming?"  I wish I just knew.

At what point to we start warming her up to the idea that we might end our wait.  How do you tell a child- we waited long enough.  The age gap is too large.  Its just you babe!

That hasn't changed.  If I just knew- 6 months, 3 months a year.  I don't care I just want to know!  A few times I have thought I'm motivated to paint the office/nursery.  Then I think- whats the point.  Its the only room in the house that has never been painted in our six years living here.  Its time to paint it just because its time to paint it.  I drag my feet because - what is the point?  Its a room that no one sees except me when I'm doing work from home.

Some days are better then others... truthfully most days are good.

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