Monday, January 18, 2016


Today is a day off of school for  MLK day.  I did some services for work at a privately preschool but otherwise wasn't able to work today because I work in the public schools.

I went into Baby Girls class today to talk about adoption.  Most of the kids in her class are 3.  She is a week from 4.  We talked about who is in a family (grandmas, sisters, brothers, moms dads, cousins,etched) we talked about how we don't live with every member of our family but they still are family.  I shared that baby girl has a birth mom that she doesn't live with but is the mom she grew inside.  We talked about what makes a family- love.  We talked about how all babies are born and the things they need.  We talked about how baby girl is going to be a big sister and how we will get a call when they arrive.  We read the book The Day we Met you.  We used the book to talk about all the things we will need to get ready.  At the end we talked about how much love was in everyone's home and that was what made them family.

My friend who also works in the schools came over for a play date w our daughters.  Another friend kept texting me so I was ignoring my phone.  The kids were eating lunch when the phone rang.  Again I ignored it since I had company.  I took a sneak peek at who it was while Baby Girl was on time out for spitting at her friend.  It was THE AGENCY!!!!

"Hi this is W I have a possible placement for you guys.  I'll be busy for the next hour but give me a call after". Click!!

No phone number left and I have to wait an hour!!!   I told my friend I think I just got the call.  She was so excited and I'm SO panicked.

They left because of plans they had.  I texted DH - be available in an hour.  He of course asked a million questions but I want to get the call this time and tell HIM!

The agency is closed and I don't have a number so I emailed W in hopes she gets my message.  I'm panicking- OMG OMG... I'm sitting on the couch and my heart is racing.... This might be it- or it could be someone else's baby.

I finally got a number for her by texting what I thought was the emergency # for the agency.  Not sure who I texted with but I got a # that got to W.  She gave me basic info: premie, girl, the state she was in, and that the father was unknown.  She told me she would call me again in an hour.

I tried to call DH but he didn't answer.  He told me he would call me when he was leaving work.  I tried to get him to call me right then.  He would call me in 5.  He didn't seem to get it.  Finally I spoke with him and gave him the details.  He informed me he was on his way home anyway and we would chat.

W called again.  Again with almost no new information except that the child has a 1/2 sibiling that was adopted last year in our state so although the Mom wants no contact other than pictures once a year there is a possibility for a connection.

We called the pediatricians office, we e-mailed people we knew for a place to stay.  We finally called W back before hearing back from either because we agreed that there was no reason not to move forward (except a few details like I don't get maternity leave and there are 18 more weeks in the school year).  We will depleate our savings account farther then planned (did I mention we had to buy DH a new car this month but that is good because we now have two cars that are reliable enough to drive to meet baby).  After we agreed to move forward with the agency the pediatricians office called and provided us with limited insight that we didn't already have.

Next we got to tell Baby Girl!  So I asked her what we had been talking about all day "adoption" she said with a smile.  "Do you know what that means?"  I asked.  "Baby" she smiles.  We informed her that just like her the baby with need medicine to feel better and the doctors will help her get stronger.  As soon as she is better Dad will bring her home.  So DH and I are going to travel tomorrow to NY, then Wed to PA to meet her.  I will leave Thursday night to return home, work Friday then pick up Baby Girl from preschool.  DH will stay until Baby is discharged from the hospital.

I need a new nick name for Baby Girl or Baby needs a nick name of her own.

SO EXCITED. Can't sleep it 1:41 AM.  I have done laundry and packed.  Ready to go and meet this girl!!!!


  1. I've been following you for ages, and this post makes me SO HAPPY! I pray everything works out in your favor!!

    1. I miss your blog! Thank you for following me- she is stunning and I'm in love.