Thursday, January 7, 2016

I want your sister to be mine

My sister came just prior to new year and stayed until today.  Baby girl and my sister had a blast together.  They played baby together.  My sister eased the transition from winter break back to school easier for all of us.  We let baby girl sleep in a little each day and my sister took her by stroller or sled to school then picked her up a little early.  This gave them time alone each day.

We went swimming and to the library.  We baked bread.  We played Uno and Guess who.  We went sledding and had too much fun.

This morning when baby girl woke up my sister was gone.  She came to my bed and cried- K is gone!  I reminded her that we talked about how this would happen.  She climbed into my bed and said "I want K to be my sister and her to by your aunt."  I explained to her that's not how it works.  I told her she would become a sister.  "It's taking tooooo long." She whined.  "I'm sorry baby girl I feel the same way."

Tonight we got to watch/read the bedtime story that my sister recorded last night.  Which made bedtime easier given that's just me and baby girl tonight with DH working until after we go to bed.

Our conversation this morning makes me sad however I also had siblings.  Our friendship took 28 years before it formed and with my younger sister we really have not achieved a strong friendship.  I do think the age gab between us made it hard for us to be friends growing up.  There is 4-4.5 years between us.

Maybe the hope and anticipation of a sibling will help their bond.

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