Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Didn't Ask- So Please Don't Tell Me

In Law Rant!

So I was raised that you provide your opinion when asked.  I also was raised to provide an opinion and not directions when someone asks for your opinion   

DH was called multiple times by his parents tonight and between the ear infection melt downs by Baby Girl he chose to sit on the couch and relax rather then call them back.  He did figure there was something urgent going on so while he made dinner he called them back.

There was little in terms of pleasantries before my MIL jumped right into telling DH there had to be something wrong with Baby Girl.  She is sick ALL of the time.  So she has had an ear infection every month since Christmas.  I agree it is getting old.  The doctor is starting to talk about tubes but as her MOM I want to wait and see if once the winter months pass us by and cold season is over that the infections will go away.  If next winter the cycle starts again I'd consider it.  She told him we needed to get her allergies tested and she thought it was environmental.

Yes it IS environmental  its called DAYCARE and I work in a NURSING HOME (with three units quarantined because of illness)!!!   

They clearly have been gossiping another thing I was taught not to do.  MIL told DH his brother had told them we were thinking about moving (WHAT?! that is news to me) and that we should install a second bathroom.  We also should have a mold test done because that could have caused all the ear infections. We did do a mold test as a condition of our home purchase and the mold levels and there was not a problem.  THANKS!

Each word that came out of her mouth made me cringe.  I hate that what she says bothers me.  I'm sure from her perspective she is being helpful and caring.  From my perspective she is telling me I'm a bad mom.  She is telling me my house is dirty and full of mold.  She is telling me I'm irresponsible.   Leave me alone!


  1. What a PITA!

    Oh gosh, where to even begin?!? Tubes aren't necessarily going to make a difference. I remember looking into them when DS was about 2 and having frequent ear infections - right after starting daycare, of course. Daycare babies/kids are sicker... until they hit school. Then, they're the healthiest ones there! :)

    1. My opinion about tubes is its more for mom and dad then baby. I don't like the idea of anesthesia for a baby. She will out grow them and I totally agree that she will me we miss a day if school. She never sent her sons to a daycare center but she is very dismissive of our telling her its daycare.

    2. Thanks for stopping by my new blog! :)