Thursday, March 7, 2013

Runners Goggles

So you have heard of beer goggles?  I think the runners high causes running goggles.  Seeing others run makes you wish you were out on the road w them.

Two years ago DH and I started our training for our half marathon.  I completed the first half and he finished the race.  In December 2011 we talked about signing up again but we never confirmed the plan to sign up and then the dead line was upon us.  The day the marathon registration closed was the day we got the call about Baby Girl.  There is no way we could have trained however as the runners ran past us in May of this past year I longed to be out there with them.  I fantasized about how much fun it had been the prior year.  I vowed I'd finish the marathon this year.  DH would run the first half and I'd cross the finish line.

January 1st I signed us up for the marathon.  I was so excited to enter the lottery to WIN a spot for the race.  Well we won the privilege to run 26.2 miles together!

This week was the start of our 12 week journey to the finish line.  Two years ago I got out of work by 3:30, DH was done by 4 and we were on the road running by 4:30.  After our run we would eat dinner and relax.

Now I dont get out until 4:30.  Baby Girl eats her dinner just before 5.  So by the time we were on the road tonight it was 5:15ish.  By 6 we were back, Baby girl needed her snack.  I needed a shower since I'll be home alone with her tomorrow.  By the time she was done eating and I was done showering it was time for her to get ready to go to bed.

We are still figuring out exactly how to keep Baby Girl happy while she comes along for our runs.  The first day she took off her hat and mittens and by the time we got back (despite stopping to put them back on a few times) her poor hands were so cold!  We have learned to put up the rain shield to act as a wind barrier and I put on her mittens she has for playing in the snow that way she can't take off her hat or mittens because she is paralyzed by the massive mittens.  She fell asleep yesterday and just zoned out today.  Once its warmer maybe she can have a snack on the run but until its warmer we have to giver her dinner before we go.

So I've learned a few things- how to prevent my child from taking off her mittens, that life is going to be crazy for 12 weeks but its important to still keep our hobbies, and the only thing worse then running up a hill?  Is running up a hill pushing a baby :)

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