Sunday, March 3, 2013

You are my Sunshine

When baby girl would cry in the car I'd sing to her You are my sunshine.  It didn't always stop her from crying but it kept my sanity so both of us were not crying.

With a combination of Motrin and Tylenol alternating thru the day we have so far made it to nap time w out any major melt downs.  As I took her to get ready for her nap I told her how much I loved her.  How I waited not so patiently for her.  I told her it was hard to see her sick.  Despite feeling horrible we still managed to have fun today.

While she ate a snack of strawberries and bread w cream cheese I started the crock pot.  She helped me stir it all together once she was done eating.  We played and danced.  We went out to shovel.  Her new favorite thing is to fall face first into the snow.  Her coat is so bulky she stayed inches from the ground w this hands free face plant.  She rolls over on her back and waits for me to help her back up.  We made the half block walk down to my aunts house to put the compost in the pile.

It's these simple things that are fun.  She amazes me each day how much she grows up.  Stiring pots of dinner, combing her hair, going for a walk on her own two feet.  So even on grey cloudy days she still is my sunshine.

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  1. Love this scene. I encourage you to add it to Perfect Moment Mondays, either the one for February ( or save it for the March one (March 25).

    You've brought sunshine into my day with your post :-)