Monday, March 18, 2013

Parenting parents

Last week Wednesday my mother fell and broke her leg.  I'm now juggling phone calls w my sisters, and parents; work and my dear Baby Girl with another ear infection.

From 1500 miles away I'm trying to help navigate the crazy world of medicare.  I fortunately work under the rule of crazy land law aka medicare so I can help navigate but it is so much more frustrating to deal with when its your own loved one.  The surgery to fix the fracture looks like it went well but now we are looking for rehab.  Its crazy but she is doing "too well" and wont be "skilled" for the course of her treatment; while on the other hand she can't walk more then 5 feet, can't toilet on her own, can't dress or bath independently- how is this OK?!  I'm trying to coach my father on not accepting anything less then her prior level of function while he just wants her home.

I spoke with my mom who has a UTI tonight who was in tears saying she just wanted out of the rural area they moved to because of my Dad getting laid off three years ago.

Its no fun.  I signed up to be a Mom but I didn't anticipate being a Mom to my parents.

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