Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who Is Your Mama?

This past weekend we went on our first trip back to PA.  I'll blog on it more in the coming days.  I started many posts prior to the trip but wasn't able to complete any of them.  In part life being busy and in part a result of the fear of the unknown.

This trip started on Thursday night with us arriving on Friday.  We went to Terminal Market, to the hospital she was born at to visit with the nurses, and had her birth siblings over to go swimming.  On Saturday she met her birth grandfather for the first time, we went to the zoo and went to her birthsisters birthday party.  Sunday it was back in the car for the trip home.

I had so many favorite memories but the one that made me melt was this one...
She is sitting on her Grandfathers lap and I am across the porch   He asked her "Who is your Mama?" I looked at her looking down at her hands and prayed that she would get it right.  She then glanced up at me, pointed smiled, and then looked back down at her hands.  For the first time ever she acknowledged that she knows who I am!

I dont think it was a conscious tests on his part but I do think it validated his understanding that she really was our daughter.  That we consider her nothing less and to her we are her parents.  The trip was hard yet surprisingly I was at ease.  I am sure moments like this one that brought me elation also brought mixed emotions to her birth family.

Talking about Mama's- my Mama is going to be moving in with us for about a month.  Sandwich generation anyone?

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