Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brothers Birthday!

Baby Girls birth-brothers birthday is in July. I've known what we were going to get him since the first night of our visit. Her brother has a genetic syndrom as well as autism which results in him behind delayed. The things he loves are: swimming, jumping on his trampoline, and books. When they came to the hotel pool their sister mentioned that he uses regular diapers in the pool because he is too big for all of the swim diapers. Since regular diapers eventually get filled with water and explode which is why they are not allowed he was limited to the time he could spend in the water. So... I found a reusable swim diaper in his size! We also made Baby Girl and her brother matching books about her visit. I made minor changes like his says "I have a sister who lives in OURSTATE" with a picture of her at the zoo under it. Hers says "I have a brother named M and a sister named D. They live in NAMEOFCITY. We all have the same Mom D." with a picture of the two siblings under it. I ordered the swim diaper ten days ago and i'm itching for its arrival. The book arrived last week and is perfect! I can't wait to ship it off for him. I have tried to keep things consistent. Last year and this year I sent gifts to her siblings for their birthdays but have not sent anything for anyone else's birthdays. I feel like the kids all get something out of a physical item to hold/use vs the adults who can gain something from pictures an letters. Besides the picture album and flower we gave to D when we met her we have given her no other physical items. I would like to start including Baby Girls art in letters to D. Baby girl on the other hand has gotten gifts of clothing and a teddy bear from her sibling and grandparents for Christmas, and her birthday. I have seen other families gifting a lot more tangible items to birth families. What do you give? Has it ever caused conflict? If you don't give gifts has it ever caused conflict? Oh I almost forgot when we went to her birth grandparents house we did bring them a small hostest gift.

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  1. The first year, I remembered everyone's birthdays, relatively on time: Bmom's, B-aunt, B-grandma, brother. At this point, I just do two gifts, a stocking stuffer, and a bag of treats for all of the kids (3 siblings and 1 cousin) at Christmas. I send B-mom a tangible gift or two, plus something DS hand makes. I send B-aunt some sort of food gift, and B-grandma chocolates. That's for DS's family.

    For DD's birth family, I sent 2 presents for each of her siblings, then a scrapbook for her birthmom and birthdad.

    I have no idea if my gifts or lack thereof cause conflict. Basically, I try to do my best to stick within a reasonable budget, just like I do for my friends' kids and my nephews.