Sunday, June 2, 2013


So "mama" is what I have been told is a word that makes all moms glow but adoptive moms feel like their child has established their role.  I am "mama" though Baby Girl has yet to call me this.  She says: Dada, Oma (German for Grandma), Doggy, Kitty, woff, meow, uh oh, no no, thank you, no thank you, wow, tickle, door, night night, and ball.  This past week she kept saying "mommy" to DH before I got home from work.  I had not heard it but Friday I finally heard it "mommy, mommy, mommy!"  I was excited but it didn't seem to fit.  I knew it was too good to be true because the dog walked into the room and she screeched "MOMMY!" pointing to the dog.  Its "Molly" not "Mommy."  Eh well... it will come, and I know who I am :)

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