Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Brother Comes Tomorrow

My dear Baby Girl told daycare on Thursday last week that her baby brother was going to come the very next day.  I guess she was convincing enough that daycare checked in with DH to find out if there really was a baby brother coming.  Baby Girl typically is counting on a baby sister so I was as surprised as daycare was that a brother was coming.

Baby Girl knows something is going to happen.  Her classmates are having brothers and sisters arrive but so far she has waited the longest for this mixed blessing.  A friend to play with that unfortunately will not be all that much fun for a while.

While I frequently ask her what she thinks she will have when the topic comes up (a brother or sister) as well as ask her if she has any name suggestions (none of which we will use) I can guarantee she will NOT be on the first to know list.

In a small way I enjoyed her being able to relish in the excitement of a brother or sisters impending arrival.  To her I think its a complex reality of something we talk about but never happens.  For her friends there is a concrete "baby" growing in Mom.  For her its a phone call that could happen tomorrow, or next year.  When a sibling is waiting for the birth of said sibling everyone is excited for them for Baby Girl this waiting is so unknown and long that its the elephant in the room- its bound to happen someday but people have a hard time getting excited for something they may not even be in our lives to experience by the time it happens (in the realm of school).

So a brother didn't arrive on Friday which was my birthday- but it sure would have been fun!

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