Friday, December 19, 2014

Stop your Belly Aching

One of my coworkers is pregnant.  She told me before she told any of my other coworkers because she "thought it would be hard for me."  I was excited for her.  I know she will make a good Mom even though she feels like she isn't ready yet.

So she is now 4 months in which we have 5 more months to go.  She calls the baby the "blob" inside her and complains about the weight and all things pregnancy constantly.

While I do realize that pregnancy is likely hard physically it also comes with perks like having control over what you put into your body, and a due date!  She had the nerve the other day to tell someone she wishes she had a surrogate.

I just want to tell her stop your freaking belly aching.  At least you have a stupid due date.

My cousin also had her baby on the 11th a day before my birthday.  She got married in February... must be nice- huh?

Ok I'm done with my belly aching.

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