Saturday, December 27, 2014


Just before Halloween we skyped with Baby Girls Birth Siblings.  Something just wasn't right.  D was not mentioned her birth sister was a little more quiet than usual.  We were warned before the call D wouldn't be there.  DH and I chalked it up to it being a birthday party at one of D's siblings homes.  D isn't welcome in all of their lives and so it made sense but didn't seem right.

It was just a little after that I started to search for D again on Google and in the jail system.  No results.

Just last week we got an e-mail from Baby Girls birthsister saying something I already had put the pieces together and knew- that they had not seen or heard from D since before Thanksgiving.  My heart sunk.  It makes me sad because although I can be optimistic - realistically I know what this means.  She made it almost a year of sobriety.  I continue to search the jail system in hopes that she gets picked up so she is warm and safe.  So for Christmas her two other children were without a mother- and that breaks my heart.

Baby Girls birthfamily has become an extended family to us.  We care about them and want the best for them.  Baby Girls Birth sister is so wise beyond her years which will serve her well as she enters the "real world" but her world has been "real" for far too long.

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