Friday, September 27, 2013

I Want to Unfriend You.

This summer I had lots of friends pregnant.  Some you would hardly know while others I saw a daily progressing of their baby bump and the food that the baby did and did not like.  Facebook also thought it would be helpful at the same time to bombard me with ads for infertility treatment programs.

Most of these women I have been friends with for years.  They know my struggle.  They also have a right to be happy.  I do not expect women to stop getting pregnant just because I can't.   What I find most ironic is that the women I have been friends with that have come to me with their infertility struggles are the worst offenders of a noxious level of posts.

At first I thought they were the "worst offenders" because I was more sensitive since they had "had infertility" then jumped ship to the fertile club.  After giving it way more thought then I ever should I've realized that for some reason the pain of infertility escapes those former sufferers the moment they get the BFP.  One woman literally posts a biweekly baby bump picture and posts 1-2X per day something pregnancy related.  Another woman when her son was 1 year old had posted more pictures in one month then I had posted of Baby Girl in her first six months (yes I counted them).  My count included the daily pictures I posted when she was in the hospital since I had little to no communication with family/friends since I was not allowed to use the phone unless I was not in the NICU.  I never left the NICU unless I HAD to eat, pee or visiting hours were over.

I try to make a point of posting articles that are interesting to me as a person, an autonomous adult that also happens to be called Mom.  I try as hard as I can to have a life beyond the world of Mom as hard as that can be.

These women are women that I enjoyed talking to but now they have nothing to talk about except their children or their pregnancy.  One of the two I have blocked the other I have not yet because at this point Facebook is really the only place we communicate.  I feel like the kid that is a sore loser.  I however find it so very hurtful from those that should understand that its not necessary (especially when your family lives a mile away from you) to post every waking detail of your pregnancy.  It really just makes me want to Unfriend You- in the real world and on Facebook.

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