Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Pumpkin for D and Other News

Baby Girl made a pumpkin at "school" today.  It was hanging on her cubby and it said "Happy Halloween from Baby Girl."  When I picked it up I asked her who she made it for.  She told me that she had made it.  I then asked again who it was for and gave her choices: Oma, Opa, D, Mama, Dada.  She confidently told me "D."  Halloween seems like a big deal for D's family as last year they sent her a card and a small gift.  They posted pictures of her birthsiblings in their costumes.  So I'm glad she picked D.

In other news we still read her adoption story EVERY night per her request.  I did write the story and lived the story so it wasn't hard to memorize but I have it down by heart now.  She also helps tell the story.  She knows her Dada is working on the page that we got the call.  She knows who her birthmom is.  That is the beauty of repetition.  Earlier today we had read it on the toilet so I suggested for bed tonight maybe we could read Chica Chica ABC.  When she agreed I scrambled to find it before she changed her mind.  Chica Chica Boom Boom!

My personal favorite news is Baby girl has gone accident free (at home) since Sunday!!!  We are doing the naked method so as long as she is clothing free on her lower half she takes herself to the toilet without even asking.  Once she has a diaper back on she is perfectly content using the diaper, which seems strange to me since she is in cloth diapers and that can't be comfortable.  I can't believe how much she has grown up.

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