Saturday, October 19, 2013

Baby Book

So for the past few weeks Baby Girl has been asking to read the "Baby Book" nearly every night.  Her "Baby Book" is her adoption story.  I usually read it word for word now.  Her favorite pages is the one where it talks about how DH and I wanted to become parents so we asked our agency for them to help us.  We used our profile book picture from when we waited which has both the dog and cat in the picture.  She loves that her dog and cat are in the book.

When we get to the page about how D and J visited her in the hospital she loves to get me to say the names.  Rapid fire she points and I name.  She comes and goes on her ability to say their names.  The picture on her wall with her birthsiblings and her is also in the book.  On the wall she can point to them when I ask her where each of them are.  In the book she doesn't.  Tonight she exclaimed her birthbrotheres name and pointed to J.

It all will come.  I know she has done better with my parents after our recent visit so I think one trip to visit her birth family this spring will solidify that the pictures of people on her wall and in the book are real people.  At this point she loves to hear about the baby (who I know she doesn't get is her).

I know the books importance will change as she gets older.  I just love that she likes to read it.

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