Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Foster Care

Baby Girls daycare used to be run by a mental health center.  The center was for the children of the employees of the center, children receiving services at the center, and the children of those receiving services.  A few years back the mental health center was unable to continue to run the child care center and the daycare center became an independent center.

They still are very involved with the mental health center and there are many children at the center who receive support.  They have a behaviorist that is on staff and they are committed to being accessible to all students.  They have never once kicked a child out but rather develop plans to provide that child with the support he/she needs to succeed.  This is why I love the center so much.  They realize that there are no "lost" preschoolers.

Yesterday as we left school a little boy zipped back from the parking lot pushing a truck at top speed at us.  One of the office staff happened to be there and reminded the little boy that he was big and Baby Girl was little.  He put his hands on his knees and squatted a little "Hi" he said to Baby Girl.  She just looked at him with big eyes.  Off he zoomed back up the walk way towards a group of women.

Baby Girl meanders out of day care towards the car, then back towards the building, into the garden, back towards the car, reverse.  I then over heard then talking to the boy who was insisting he wanted to spend the night at school.  No they told him you have to go to a new home tonight.  Melissa* and Doug* are a nice couple expecting to get to meet you tonight.  They will let you pick dinner.  You will get to come back tomorrow.  At that point I insisted that Baby Girl keep walking towards the car so this boy could have privacy.  The boy made a bee line under the steps with his truck.  The women split up one to talk to the boy and one to get the car.  I took Baby Girls hand and hastened our walk to the car.

I can't imagine.  I can't imagine the hurt, the fear, the sadness.  I hate meeting new people.  I have always hated it.  I couldn't imagine having to move from home to home.  I couldn't imagine meeting Melissa* and Doug* even if they let me pick dinner.  I hated sleep overs at friends houses.  I couldn't imagine wondering how long my current bed would be mine.  I couldn't imagine wishing to sleep at school rather then going home as school was safe and familiar.

I wanted to grab his hand, smother him w a hug and bring him home with me.  Instead I gave Baby girl a tight hug and kissed her nose before I put her in the car seat.  I was even more thankful than I've ever been of D's choice to pick adoptive parents rather than going thru the foster care system.  I also realized that one day when we do do respite care we will be Melissa and Doug and the child will be fearful and want to stay at school.

*name change

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