Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trialing a Little Colonial Living

Last week I put my work clothes in the wash before I went to bed.  When I woke up I went to the basement to find my clothes clean and water on the floor.  We were having the sump pump people come to clean the system out anyway so I didn't think much of it except well... it hasn't really rained much.  Nor have we ever had water in the basement in the fall.

That night DH went to the basement to check on the water and noticed water in the slop sink.  Thats weird.  I hadn't used it, and he hadn't used it.  Odd.  *shrug*

The next day DH again went to the basement to check on the water after he finished washing the dishes.  Again... water in the slop sink plus food particles.  Umm... thats night right.  DH called his brother who is a plummer and told us to call to have it professionally flushed since there clearly was a block in the drain past where it went into the basement floor.

So that brings us to Friday.  Well the guy came and tried to flush it out but hit dirt after about 15 feet.  SO that means there is a break in the line.  Which means that the water on the floor likely is a result of the water going into the drain, then into the track for our sump pump and then onto our basement floor.... SO that means we can't use our kitchen skin, dishwasher, the slop sink OR the clothes washer until we get a new drain line.  Which will run us between 1800-5000 depending on if they need to go above or below the ground.

Might I add that this unexpected expense comes the same week we started the siding project on our house?  GAH!

We are going to move forward with the adoption process but it may mean having to borrow money from my parents again to make it happen if we were go get a fast placement.  I wish money grew on trees.

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