Monday, November 25, 2013

There You Got Your Way

I know DH was kidding but its annoying.  I'm sure that is what everyone is thinking.  There she got her way.  The problem is I didn't get my way.  If I had gotten my way Christmas morning would have been spent alone with just us.  Christmas afternoon either we would have traveled to the in-laws new home OR we would have had them travel to us.  I wouldn't have had to work Thursday and I could have had a five day weekend.

I however am privileged enough to always have Fridays off.  This means that when a holiday lands on a Wednesday I get that day off and work the days around it.  I get my usual three day weekend.  This means that DH's family will come up Tuesday night, spend Wed w this and leave Wed evening.

The only thing that "went my way" was we had a conversation that took into account everyone schedule.  We then determined the best plans.  It wasn't dictated to us (as initially presented) but rather a conversation occured.  I wish the conversation had not come with daggers but I hope this was a learning experience.  Please dont assume.  Please TALk to us.  Please realize that we are adults with a family of our own and traditions of our own.  Pleases dont make plans for us.

Family- gotta love them :)

(p.s. we went to our agency tonight for an adoption day (late) celebration.  It was so nice to chat with another A-Mom who also had the same opinion about our tight child care situation in our area.  Adoption means you get on a list and wait two years.  If you wait long enough you can get into the centers everyone else wants.  Oh and I can laugh/sneeze without peeing my pants *HA*)

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