Sunday, November 3, 2013

I want M

Yesterday morning while I was still in bed DH brought Baby Girl into our room.  He placed her on the bed next to me and she demanded "I want M!  I want M!"  M is Baby Girls birthbrother.  I told her "I can't get your M.  He is in PA."  I broke my heart.

I'm not sure where this demand came from.  M and Pop-Pop her birthGrandfather seem to be the two she remembers most.  She has a love of men.

I then remembered I had pictures so I asked if she wanted to see a picture of M.  She said yes.  So we sat for about 5 minutes looking at pictures of M and Di her birthSister.  This seemed to satisfy her demand and was able to move on.

Later in the day she asked for Di.  Again I showed her pictures.

I'm sure the pictures of her birthfamily on her wall as well as her baby book are instrumental in this new interest.  I wish I could get into her head and understand what she understands.  I try to bring up adoption daily with her in some way in an organic way.  i.e. when we see something PA related I'll tell her thats where she was born and thats where M, Di and D live.  I'm enjoying this new phase where she has started to initiate those conversations.

I wish she could see her birthfamily more regularly but pictures will have to do.

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