Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tomorrow Tomorrow

I start work at 6, done at 2:30, pick up Baby Girl by 3, home study by 3:30.  Hopefully guests dont start arriving until at least 5 like we told him.  House is clean minus the kitchen.  DH is going to clean the kitchen, make the beds, make an apple cake, run to the dump and the compost.  

I was on my own tonight as DH is working until 2AM tomorrow AM.  So... I got Baby Girl, we made dinner, Baby Girl and I cleaned up her toys, made dinner for tomorrow night, I made two pies, I cleaned the fridge, I cleaned the bathroom, I vacuumed the house, got both my things and Baby Girls things set up for tomorrow, Set the coffee maker, and made an emergency phone number list (for the home study).  I did cheat in the room my inlaws are staying in I took all the junk on my desk, put it in a box, put it in the closet, and put a piece of furniture in front of the door.  Its 10PM and I should already be in bed.  Can't do everything :)

Looking forward to family arriving and getting to share the big news with them.

Happy Thanksgiving You All!!!

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