Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Home Study Packet IN

So Friday I went to the doctors for my "check up."  I had a physical last November so I couldnt have another one until the end of November.  Just after my last physical my doctor decided to leave the practice and so I was assigned a new doctor.  In the past I was able to turn in our physical form and they signed off on it since I had a physical in the last year.  This time I actually had to go and meet the doctor since I had never met her before.

I already turned in the form so I can't state what the exact question were but paraphrased the questions were:
1) Do you have any medical conditions you are currently being treated for that would limit your ability to parent?

Easy- No.  I have asthma and a bad back but nothing that would prevent me from parenting.  Silly me (since this is a new relationship and I want her help) mentioned that I had been working with my prior doctor on gaining weight.  I lost about 15lbs when Baby Girl was in the hospital and have struggled to get it back.  My metabolism is crazy as is for my sister and mother.  I eat whole fat yogurt and drink calories.  I have my own private stash of chocolate covered almonds.  I just can't get the last 5 lbs back on or get them to stick.  She raised her eyebrows.  GAH!  "I'm working on it" I told her.  What anorexic woman would admit to eating whole fat yogurt?!  She briefly toyed with the idea of testing my cholesterol- I wanted to strangle her.  Did she look at my labs/general health from before?  She finally checked "No."

2) Do you have or have you ever been treated for depression or another mental illness.

Easy- No.  Her response: Never? (eyebrow raise).  No- Never.  Have I been sad?  Yes.  Have I had time in my life where I was depressed- yes.  I dont think anyone who experiences infertility can claim they never were depressed.  Was I able to work thru it naturally?  Yes.  Do women with depression become pregnant?  yes.  Should I not be allowed to parent?  No.  The one and only time I felt crazy- legitimately scared myself crazy was when I was taking drugs for IUI.  The drugs stopped- I was sad but not crazy.  Oh and if i'm not overly cheery today- my best friend growing up died and I'm too far away to go to his funeral.  She checked "No" and moved on.

3) Major surgery?

No.  She listed my minor knee surgery I had 15 years ago and my breast reduction surgery.  *eye roll*  If thats major surgery I'm not sure if I want her around in an emergency.

4) I dont remember the question.

The answer was no.

Please describe any health conditions that may impact this persons ability to parent:
She chicken scratched something at the bottom I tried to read and I couldn't so I'm assuming the agency wont be able to either.


She made so many incorrect statements about adoption like "there are so many waiting babies."  How lucky my little girl was to have gotten me as a mom.  "Dont the real moms get to pick you?" "How old will the baby be?" Umm... a baby?  "Where will the baby be from?" Mars.  I kept my mouth shut. 30 minutes later my paper was signed.  I left happy.  I have been medically cleared to adopt.  I maybe needing another doctor though.

Home Study Check List:
Review original home study
Home Visit
Physician Report- Me
Physician Report- DH
Finger Prints- Me
Finger Prints- DH
Birth Certificate Copy Me
Birth Certificate Copy DH
Marriage License
Profile Book
Letters of recommendation requested

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  1. Yeah, definitely... get another doctor. *sigh*
    I have apparently been very lucky with doctors and adoption. None of them have said anything totally off the wall, old-fashioned, or inappropriate.