Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Wanna Phone M

Baby Girl keeps telling me "I wanna phone M."  The first time she asked I told her that was a great idea and that we would have to set up a time.  The second time she asked I looked at DH for help.  What am I supposed to say?!  I reminded her we couldn't call that day but we could call.

Last night DH and I talked about it.  How could we make this work.  I could e-mail Di or I could call her Birthgrandmothers house and set up a time.  The challenge is that Baby Girl is not yet 2 so her language is obviously not great on the phone.  M has Autism and is at a similar place is Baby Girl in his speech.  Although I think its wonderful that Baby Girl wants to talk to M its not going to be easy.

Tonight Baby Girl again asked me "I wanna Phone M."  I had to explain to her that M even though he is a big kid doesn't have the words to talk on the phone.  She seemed satisfied with that explanation.  I'm going to have to come up with something better.

I might set up a skype account.

My challenge is the balance between what D gets and what the other members of her birthfamily get.  M, Di, and her birthgrandparents are stable.  I know where to find them.  D I dont know how to get ahold of her except thru the agency or by calling her parents house and she may be there- I dont know.  D is not M's guardian rather his Grandparents are.  So who do I ask?  So far D has been in jail so it was easy since she wasn't available.

It is nice she wants to talk with M.  Having a conversation with Baby Girl could help M with his language.  Both Baby Girl and M know signs so they would at least have that (if we used Skype).  Just because Baby Girl wants to talk to M doesn't mean her birthfamily wants M to talk to Baby Girl.  The fastest way to communicate is via e-mail and Di is the only one with e-mail and I feel bad putting Di in the middle.  The phone works as well but any time I've talked with her BirthGrandmother it has been after Di has set up a time for us to talk (even though we have the others #s).  I know its just a matter of asking D but I also have not received any communication from her since May so who knows when I'll hear from her again.

Please tell me it gets easier!

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