Monday, November 11, 2013

That Mom

So today I was "that mom"  the one that thinks her child is amazing.  That Mom that can't see why no one else can see how amazing her child is.

So Baby Girl has been working on toilet training at home.  At school we talk about it to them regularly.  They have not been as enthusiastic.  I dont think they believe us.

Thursday as I picked Baby Girl up her teacher mentioned that Baby Girl had just asked to use the toilet and they had taken her.  The teacher then told me "we try to bring her when she asks but we dont always have the staff."  My blood pressure went up with those words.  So you are telling me my child ASKS to go to the toilet and you dont bring her?  In my line of work with adults that is considered abuse.  I realize she is a child and she is still learning.  Accidents will happen and thats what happens when you toilet train.  With that said to give a child mixed messages that yes its OK to pee in your pants when I dont have time to take you is not OK in my book.  I didn't say anything to the teacher because I realize staffing is not her problem.  Its the directors problem.

I also admitted to myself that at home Baby Girl runs around with nothing on and when she needs to go she goes and sits on the toilet next to the couch in the living room.  So I decided to try putting pants on her this weekend.  Maybe school is having trouble because she wears pants at school and thus can't feel she needs to go.  Friday she had two accidents after each I explained to her that we dont pee in our pants we pee on the toilet because pee and poop go in the toilet.  Saturday no accidents.  Sunday she started to have an accident.  Stopped herself.  Ran to the toilet and sat down- but she forgot to pull down her pants.  I gently reminded her that it was great that she peed on the toilet but she needed to remember to pull down her pants.  So she proved the pants was the problem theory this weekend.

So today I knocked on the directors door.  Can we talk about toilet training?  I explained our weekend experiment and told her that I was told staffing was the issue for toileting.  I threw out a few ideas like putting Baby Girl in the next class up.  The director wasn't getting it.  She kept trying to convince me that Baby Girl just wasnt that interested in toilet training.  So I changed my approach- direct.  Baby Girl is potty trained at home w occasional accidents.  We have to start over each weekend because at school she is told to pee in her diaper.  Starting next Monday Baby Girl will arrive in underwear.  Her response?  *eyes big* "Umm... OK."  She also told me that never before has a child started potty training so young.  I wanted to get all OT on her and tell her that most kids are ready to start between 15 and 24 months but most parents are not ready until 24-36 months.  Its not the kids that are the problem- its the adults.

So hopefully this doesn't all backfire on me.  I'm giving it a go.  Worst come to worse we have to do a few extra loads of laundry (which means a few extra trips to the laundry mat).

I'm confident though that my kid is amazing and smart and will have it all figured out.  Yep- I'm that Mom.

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